Inspired manila spanish’s shawls. Seville’s Fair in Andalusia. ‘seis + seis’ is the essence of Spanish fiesta, tradition and assortment of colors made wine. Reds and cherries invading a label with floral pencil sketches drawings. Paper pearl finished with varnish and special reliefs.



Вдохновленный шали Маниле испанских годов. Ярмарка в Севилье в Андалусии. “SEIS + SEIS ‘является сущность испанской фиесты, традиции и ассортимент цветов вино. Красные и вишни вторжение этикетку с цветочными карандашные наброски чертежей. Бумага жемчужина закончил с лаком и специальных льгот.

Red wine aged for more than 6 months in French oak barrels.
More information
Varieties: 60% Tempranillo and 40% Syrah
Visual phase: Dark maroon in colour, clean and brilliant.
Olfactory phase: Of a high aromatic intensity. Flavours of blackberries interlaced with a chocolaty and spicy-toasted notes provided by the French oak barrels.
Gustatory phase: Soft beginning, round and floral notes. Due to its light bitterness this wine is long in the mouth.
Global harmony: Very good. It is very good value for money.
Recommendations: After travelling, the wine needs to settle for at least 48 hours. Keep the bottles in a dark and cool place between 14ºC and 16ºC. The bottles must rest on their side and abrupt changes of temperature must be avoided.
If you keep the wine at home, consume it within one year
Serve at 16ºC. It’s one of our best wines.