PREDILECT by Catunambú

Catunambú exists since more than a hundred years in the coffee market.

It is a 100% Andalusian Company that from its factory in Seville (Spain) works to obtain the best coffee: a coffee to delight the most discerning palate.

Since Juan Ferrer created Catunambú brand in 1897, our goal has been to keep our best secret: quality, aroma and freshness of our coffees.

All these years we have given our best to make Catunambú the coffee of Andalusia. As a result, we have expanded our company opening new offices in Cadiz, Huelva and Malaga.

Catunambú started as a small shop at O’Donnell Street (Seville), which later became a bistro. Since then, scores of establishments became a Catunambú selling point. In the end these turned out to make up a high renowned network of coffee shops throughout Spain. Catunambú brand name was associated to quality coffee. Today, more than 700 establishments already have our products.