BORNAY, ice creams since 1892

In 1892, an artisan family business is born in Alicante, from the hand of Carlos Bornay, who decided to emigrate to Cadiz, playground of the High Aristocracy. One of his sons used the same formula of ice creams and sorbets and decided on his own to create a small factory for distribution through peddling ice cream carts and along the beaches of Cadiz.

And so they were growing over the years, creating the first industrial factory, with machinery brought from the American Naval Base in Rota, Cádiz, where the company was honored for being the first to serve ice cream to the ships of the American Sixth Fleet.

Subsequently, the company continued to grow from generation to generation and today we export to countries like Britain, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland and the U.S.A., with the same traditional formula inherited from father to son, a product of high quality.

With our needs to continue growing, currently La Ibense ice creams, belongs to “Sainberg La Ibense S.L.” that was born with the entry of new partners, to further strengthen our presence at national and international levels.


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